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Carl Nordgren was born in Greenville, Mississippi where his great grandmother’s house was across the street from the childhood home of author Walker Percy. Carl has worked as a fishing guide on the English River in Northwestern Ontario and on the White River in the Arkansas Ozarks, as a bartender, a foundry man, and an entrepreneur. He lived with his family in Ireland for a year where he researched the IRA, and he currently teaches courses in Creativity to undergraduate students at Duke University. His first book, Welcome to the Creative Populist Revolution, was written to help us all grow our creative capacity and develop our entrepreneurial instincts. He graduated from Knox College and lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Marie where they have raised three daughters.






The 53rd Parallel, Book 1 in the River of Lakes series

FiftyThirdParallel-FrontCover-webA River of Lakes Novel


Release Date: May 2014

In his evocative debut novel Carl Nordgren weaves an ambitious tale about the power of dreams, the hope of new beginnings, and the dangers of ghosts who haunt our past.

In The 53rd Parallel, book one of the River of Lakes series, Brian Burke emigrates from 1950s West Ireland to the wilderness of Northwest Ontario with his partner Maureen O’Toole. He’s been exiled from his village, and she is running from her IRA past.

The dreams of an Ojibway clan elder bring the Irish to the sacred place on the River, where they build The Great Lodge of Innish Cove. The dreams tell of a white man who will destroy the River and another who will protect it. While the Ojibway believe Brian and Maureen are the River’s guardians, Maureen’s IRA connections and the construction of a pulp mill upstream threaten to destroy the newly created Eden before it even begins.

Under the watchful eye of a warrior spirit, the clan and their Irish companions risk all they love to protect the River and the promises it holds for their future. The fates of the two groups will intertwine as both seek to ward off the encroachment of the modern world.

Praise for The 53rd Parallel

"A most lyrical and poetically imagined novel... to be savored."
–Mallory Heart Reviews

"Carl Nordgren weaves a tapestry of brilliantly compelling characters into an overall story arc that spans through peaceful and turbulent times, across continents."
–Mark Bowles, Goodreads Review

"I was hooked from the opening lines... Lyrical and touching, The 53rd Parallel brings together two very different cultures, both looking to preserve a sacred way of life."
–Looking For a Good Book

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