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 Nancy Boyarsky


The Swap is "full of page-by-page surprises" (Kirkus Reviews).

Nicole Graves arranges a summer-long swap of her and her husband's Los Angeles home with a London couple. Although Nicole had hoped that the European adventure would be the idyllic time away that her and husband needed, things don't turn out the way she expected. 

People begin following and threatening Nicole, but she can't get the police or her husband to believe her. When confrontations turn deadly, it's going to be up to Nicole to solve the case...or become the next victim.

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Dave Edlund


Award-winning author Dave Edlund brings you Hunting Savage, the fourth installment of the Peter Savage series.

When an unthinkable act of treason and a clandestine pact threaten to redraw the map of the Middle East, Peter Savage is hunted by those he once trusted...Peter Savage is now targeted by assassins from both sides of the Atlantic.

Peter becomes both hunter and prey. With his own fate uncertain, Peter must fight overwhelming odds to reveal the truth before full-scale war engulfs the Middle East.

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Rebecca Brewster Stevenson

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"A gorgeous meditation on broken bodies, fractured faith, and the soul-wrenching path to serenity." –Kirkus Reviews

Healing Maddie Brees is the story of a marriage and the memories that pit themselves against it, of the uncanny power of the body in both diesease and desire, and of whether true healing ever really happens. In this exquisetly written narrative, Stevenson explores the questions of honesty and commitment, of disease and isolation, and the many shapes healing takes.

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Kate Rademacher

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Part memior and part mediation, Kate reflects on her journey towards embracing a relationship with Christ.

After years of maintaining a "pick-and-choose" approach to spirituality, Rademacher writes about the ways she slowly learned to follow the breadcrumbs that God seemed to leave out for her. She not only explores the "why" of Christianity, but the "how." Both the searcher and long-time believer will benefit from Rademacher's experience and insights.  

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 Brad A. LaMar 


Magicks and humans, friends and enemies, ally themselves in a battle to save all realms...

In his quest to become an Immortal, Elathan seeks the Emerald Crown of the World, which holds a magic so ancient and powerful that its been hidden from all realms. As Earth’s rightful Protector, only Brendan stands a chance to stop the golden god, to save the Earth and her inhabitants. But when Brendan falls under a curse that poisons his mind, Lizzie, Dorian, Frank, and their friends must band together to save him while Elathan grows in power.

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