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 Nancy Boyarsky


Boyarsky’s weightless complications expertly combine menace with bling, making the heroine’s adventures both nightmarish and dreamy. -Kirkus Review

The Bequest is the second book in Nancy's Nicole Graves Mystery series. Nicole Graves, still reeling from her London kidnapping in The Swap, is struggling to balance work at L.A.’s most prestigious law firm and a long-distance romance with her English lover. The fast-paced mystery unravels against the backdrop of L.A. with its peculiar mix of balmy weather, the celebrity-crazed media, and a corrupt power structure hidden by the veneer of glamour and wealth.

 The Bequest is now available everywhere books are sold. 

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Dave Edlund

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“With a hero full of grit and determination, this action-packed, timely tale is required reading for any thriller aficionado.” —Steve Berry, New York Times and #1 international bestselling author

In Hunting Savage, the latest high-octane thriller from Dave Edlund, an unthinkable act of treason and a clandestine pact threaten to redraw the map of the Middle East. When he discovers a decades-old conspiracy, Peter savage is hunted by those he once trusted. To escape assassins from both sides of the Atlantic, Peter Savage becomes turns to the Oregon mountains where becomes both hunter and prey.

With his own fate uncertain, Peter must fight overwhelming odds to reveal the truth before full-scale war engulfs the Middle East.

Hunting Savage is available everywhere books are sold.

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Elizabeth Turnbull

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“Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you” doesn’t come with an asterisk or a footnote. Neither does “love your neighbor as yourself.” 

Say to These Mountains tells the true story of Wallace Turnbull, one of Haiti’s pioneers in development and missions. Over the course of 70 years, his work changed countless lives and influenced national policy in both Haiti and the United States. As told by Wallace’s granddaughter, this eloquent biography takes the reader on a journey through the life of a complex man and his adopted country, painting a picture of grace and mercy vastly different from the often-grim stories shared about the island nation and her people.

Say to These Mountains is now available where books are sold.

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Scott Mason

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 "When Scott Mason was a little boy someone must have told him to stop, look and listen. He took those orders to heart. For he sees and hears like few others. And that’s what makes him so darn good at telling stories." - Harry Smith, NBC News Correspondent

Faith and Air: The Miracle List offers a curious mix of humor and faith, even as the author struggles with his own faith. The book is part memoir: A skeptic al reporter stumbles upon these miracle stories and begins to make a list—but is also forced to take his own leap of faith. The book is layered with engaging personality profiles. Each person on the list has their own fascinating story. And then comes their miracle story.

Faith and Air is available everywhere books are sold. 


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