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Anung's Journey

by Carl Nordgren

This ancient Ojibway legend predates contact with European settlers, but the drummer boy and the people he meets at the end of his journey couldn’t be more familiar to modern culture.

When the orphaned Anung sets out on his vision quest, he sees clearly that his purpose in life is to find the greatest chief of all and tell him of the many acts of kindness the mothers and fathers of the village have given to Anung.

When the people of his village learn of the vision, they are proud of him. For every man of the village loves Anung as his son. Every woman is his mother. They believe Gitche Manitou, the great creator, has chosen their son for a special journey.

In his quest to find the greatest chief, Anung travels through the 13 tribes of the First Nations, across forests, plains, water, and desert. Along the way, he is accompanied by Turtle, the interpreter of all languages. He finds friends in the most unlikely of places––a squirrel’s nest, a mother bear’s den, and a city filled with people from every tribe. At each stop, Anung and his drum sing of his mothers and fathers and his quest to meet the greatest chief.

What Anung finds at the end of his journey will both surprise and thrill readers of all ages. This ancient legend, told in the beautifully poetic style of Carl Nordgren, begs to be read aloud and savored.

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Praise for Anung's Journey

"[Nordgren's] storytelling is compelling and rich in images.
A fascinating look at the melding of North American cultures."
Kirkus Reviews

“This is an excellent book.
Carl did a masterful job of telling an Elder’s account of Anung’s journey.”
–Shirley Sorrels, Director, Museum of Ojibwa Culture

"This story gently proffers a message of not only cooperation but also harmony with nature…
The surprising ending ties together Eastern and Western legends to reveal the unity of all people,
despite cultural, physical, or geographical differences."
Foreword Reviews

Accolades for Anung's Journey

Foreword Reviews: Top 10 Indie Middle Grade Books of 2014

2014 Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Finalist (Multicultural; Juvenile Fiction)



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