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The Ways of Heaven

by Lindsey Barlow

a heart broken, a life mended, a love ignited

After Cade Walker’s gambling spirals out of control, Rose walks away from her marriage—and straight into motherhood by adopting Daisy, her cousin’s biracial daughter orphaned in a Typhoid outbreak. Heartbroken and overwhelmed with the task ahead of her, Rose returns to her hometown of Tall Pine, Colorado, where she seeks the comfort of friends and family. The one person she doesn’t ever expect to see again is her husband, Cade—but when he comes riding in to town, her world is once again upended. One her way to Tall Pine, Rose encounters Meg , who lives under the abusive rule of her stepfather as the cook at his hotel. Before she knows it, Rose has convinced Meg to escape with her to the safety of Tall Pine. Away from the blows and anger of her stepfather, Meg is looking forward to a tranquil life—that is, until she meets the town doctor. Meg immediately recognizes him from the hotel, and though she has long admired him from a distance, she knows she can never be worthy of his love.

When cattle thieves, murder, and shadows from their pasts threaten all that Rose and Meg hold dear, they must find the courage to forgive, to heal, and even to love again.

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