Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb is a veteran television crime reporter with three decades of experience. She works for an award-winning NBC affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina, WRAL-TV. She also appears on a regular basis on national news magazine programs and networks which feature true crime stories including Discovery Investigates.

While Amanda has written and published nine books, Dead Last (coming 2020) will be her fiction debut and is born out of her many years of experience covering the crime beat. Amanda is the author of three true crime books based on murder cases she covered for the news including: Deadly DoseEvil Next Door, and Love Lies. She has also published four memoirs, one about caregiving and three about parenting, including: The Living RoomI Love You to God and BackGirls Gone Child, and Smotherhood. Amanda has penned two children’s books, a story book version of I Love You to God and Back. Her newest offering is We Are Not the Same is a labor of love for the Tammy Lynn Center, an organization that supports children and adults with disabilities.

Amanda is originally from Philadelphia and is the married mother of two precocious teenage daughters. She holds a BA in English from Duke University and MS in journalism from Northwestern University. She lives happily with her husband and family in her adopted hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

To learn more about Amanda and her work go to www.alambauthor.com

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Climbing Lessons CoverMaddie’s past is about to catch up to her...

Maddie Arnette has built her whole life around the narrative that her father murdered her mother. When a woman in the grocery store claims that Maddie’s father did not kill her mother, the revelation forces the journalist toward a reckoning. Is it possible that her father has sat in prison for almost forty years for a crime he did not commit? And if he didn’t do it, who did?

Maddie barely has time to absorb this earth-shattering news when she is called to report on what appears to be a suicide. Tilly Dawson is found shot to death on her driveway, a gun by her side. But right away something about the situation doesn’t feel right to Maddie. Before long, the tough television reporter finds herself delving once more into a dark world of violence, secrets and intrigue.

Maddie’s journey to find the truth in her own life parallels her journey to seek justice for Tilly. This time around Maddie must put her own life on the line to ensure that truth will prevail.

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Climbing Lessons CoverMaddie is likable and believable…  this debut shows enough promise to encourage readers to follow along if it turns into a series. ~Kirkus Reviews

Maddie Arnette traded in her hard-news crime reporting for softer, feel-good features after her husband’s death. But her lifelong addiction to the dark side of journalism, bolstered by years of meeting sources in back alleys and visiting grisly crime scenes, still clamors for Maddie’s attention.

When Suzanne Parker falls to the pavement in front of Maddie during the Oak City Marathon, Maddie assumes it’s an accident. That is, until Suzanne whispers words that make Maddie’s skin go cold: my husband is trying to kill me.

Maddie’s personal experience with domestic violence in her family connects her to Suzanne in a way that she can’t ignore. Soon, Maddie’s allegiance to protecting her new friend and discovering the truth about Suzanne’s husband becomes an obsession, one that leads her down a dangerous path. When someone turns up dead, Maddie finally realizes she is all in again with crime reporting, but this time she may be in over her head.

Dead Last is the first in the new exciting Maddie Arnette Novels series.

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