betty_turnbullBetty Turnbull, is an internatinally acclaimed early childhood development educator. Turnbull has worked with avant garde schools, those in the coal-mining towns of Appalachia, and those in the developing nation of Haiti. During her thirty years in Haiti, Betty developed the first rural preschool program, which has expanded into hundreds of schools across the nation.

Betty, who believes that learning and growth should be fun, is passionate about the need for each child to develop a strong personal identity, a sense of belonging, and an understanding of self-worth. In her Papa and Billy series Papa helps his grandson resolve everyday issues by telling him stories from the old country. By setting her stories in the real past, Betty adds to them the dimensions of interesting history and a beginning understanding of heritage. Besides the positive impact of self-worth provided by her exciting characters, their colorful yet intimate settings develop an interest in the past and heritage providing strong roots for childhood development and adult happiness.

Having lived outside the United States, Betty grew to appreciate even more the freedoms she grew up with. Today, she is a proud military mom with a son in the United States Air Force. She realizes that he represents just one of the thousands of men and women who give of themselves daily to protect the freedoms we take so much for granted. She has also witnessed firsthand that when one member of the family serves, the whole family serves. Her book, A Sergeant in the House, was written as her way of giving back and saying thank you to our military men and women, their spouses and their children. All royalties from this book are donated to Hope for the Warriors® who provide crucial services and support to returning soldiers and their families.

The author and her husband live in Durham, NC. They have three children. When she is not writing children’s books, Betty enjoys traveling, serving her community, and being Gramma.