NancyPanko400 Nancy is a retired pediatric nurse and a frequent contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul and Guidepost magazines. She and her husband moved to North Carolina in 2009 after living and working in Clinton County, Pennsylvania for thirty-four years. They have two children and four grandchildren. They love being in, on or near the water with their family. Nancy Panko’s novel, Guiding Missal, began as a result of an effort to re-create her father-in-law’s military history as a gift for her husband on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. As she held the pocket-sized prayer book in her hand, she thought: “If only this book could talk.” It was then that the idea for her first book Guiding Missal was conceived. Visit Nancy online at http://www.nancypanko.com.

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