Interview with Author and Fairy Godmother Deborah Hining

Deborah HiningDeborah Hining is a Light Messages author and financial planner. She's been called a fairy godmother for her skills in helping people make their dreams come true, a title she wears with flair and pride. Deborah is the author of the financial how-to guide for women, Money Is No Object: How to Get the Life You Dream of, Even if You Think You Can't Afford it, and the lighthearted young adult financial planning picture book, The True Story of Cinderella and How She (Really) Became a Princess.

How did you get started as a financial advisor?

In 1992, a friend who was a financial planner talked to me about becoming one.  He insisted I would really like doing it.   I was teaching performance classes at UNC Greensboro at the time, and because I was in a non-tenure track position, it was about the easiest job on earth.  I didn't have to worry about publishing, I had summers off and long breaks at Christmas and Easter.  I was raising my children, and my schedule meant I worked only two days a week. "Work" consisted of sitting in a classroom, listening to students entertain me.

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Carolina Today Interview with 'Harry Loves Carrots' Author Laura Baldwin

Laura Baldwin, author of Light Message's acclaimed children's book, Harry Loves Carrots, appeared on Carolina Today recently to talk about her mission of making vegetables fun for children.

"If kids can see the celebration and the fun in food, it's so much easier," Baldwin says. "It's not a 'you must do it," but 'I want to do it.'"


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