It's hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner! Maybe we're a little biased, but we love getting books for Christmasthey're the gifts that keep on giving! At Light Messages, our motto is "bringing to light meaningful books." We believe that each of our titles have a deeper meaning than just words on a page. 

We feel lucky to be able to offer such a diverse collection of titles from a very talented group of authors. Readers young and old, new and experienced, romance enthusiasts and thriller aficianados, and everyone in between will find something in this list to pique their interest. We have compiled a list of books for every type of reader! 


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For Your New Reader:

The Melleray Alphabet by Monica Byrne

Monica Byrne’s artfully crafted alphabet gives a whimsical nod to the illuminated manuscripts of ages past. This gorgeous book features hand-drawn images that will take children on an art-filled journey from A to Z. This isn't your average alphabet book! With surprising entries in three languages, children will learn to see their letters—and the world around them—in a brand new light.

For Your Teens:

The Silverwood Series by Betsy Streeter

The exciting sci-fi/fantasy Silverwood series will take your teen on an exciting, time traveling, shape shifting adventure with fourteen-year-old Helen Silverwood. The Silverwoods are tasked with protecting humanity from the shape-shifting Tromindox. Will they be able to keep from losing each other in space and time while unraveling a dangerous mystery?

For the Lover of Language: 

Healing Maddie Brees by Rebecca Brewster Stevenson

The “thought-provoking and sobering” (Library Journal, starred review) debut by Rebecca Brewster Stevenson tells the story of a marriage and the memories that pit themselves against it, of the uncanny power of the body in both disease and desire, and of whether true healing ever really happens.

Healing Maddie Brees has been praised as “an elegant story of faith and healing” by New York Times bestselling author Stephen Chbosky. Booklist complimented Rebecca’s prose saying, “Stevenson writes beautifully and raises book-group discussion-worthy issues about relationships… diseases… and faith.” 

This is the perfect book for the thoughtful book-lover and makes for a fabulous book-club read.

For the Wanderlust Woman:

A Saint in Graceland by Deborah Hining

Deborah Hining writes another enchanting story of love and adventure as she follows Sally Beth's journey through the American Southwest all the way to the remote mission station in Tanzania. Sally Beth enjoys the newfound freedom of the African plains, but her faith, courage and love will be tested. 

Any traveler with the wanderlust bug will fall in love with Sally Beth's adventure and spirit.

For the Action Aficionado:

The Peter Savage Novels by Dave Edlund

Dave Edlund's award-winning, edge-of-your-seat political thrillers follow Peter Savage as he tackles international conflicts such as energy independence, genocide, genetic manipulation, and the tipping point in the balance of world power. 

The Peter Savage series is "highly recommended to fans of thrillers, especially of action-packed stories concerning political intrigue" (Foreword Reviews). Gift the Peter Savage series just in time to catch up for the fourth novel, Hunting Savage, which will be hitting shelves in April 2017. 

For the Artist:

Haiti: A Coloring Book for Grown Ups with drawings by Richar

Explore Haiti through these intricate, hand drawn pen and ink drawings of typical scenes, landmarks, and favorite icons. Use your imagination to bring to life the market scenes with their vibrant fruits and vegetables, the sugarcane fields in their shades of green and brown, or the ocean with tropical fish, busy fishermen, and colorful dugout boats.

Includes 32 original drawings. Printed on heavy white paper on one side only for easy coloring and removal.

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