Announcement from AMALIE JAHN!

THE NEXT TO LAST MISTAKE comes out in just over three months so I'm celebrating by launching a special preorder campaign just in time for the holidays!

Here’s how you enter:

1) Go to this Google Form

2) Attach proof of your ebook or paperback preorder (email or screenshot)
3) Attach proof that you requested the book at your local library (email or photo of a submitted request form)

That’s it! You only need to do one or the other, and while I would love if you picked up your own copy, your chances of winning are equally good with either option.

Enter by midnight December 15, 2019
US mailing addresses only


Prizes: The first twenty-five people who send me proof of their preorder or library request (emails, screenshots, etc.) will receive a TNTLM bookmark and a signed bookplate sticker to place inside in their book. No waiting around—just be one of the first twenty-five people to qualify!

Once I receive 25 entries, the first of four prize packs, inspired by each of the four girls in THE NEXT TO LAST MISTAKE, will be unlocked. At 50 entries, the second prize pack will be unlocked. The third will be unlocked at 75 entries. And the final prizes will be unlocked once 100 people submit their entries. At the end of the submission window, one lucky entrant will win every unlocked prize pack!

summer orig


Summer’s prize pack opens at 25 entries:

Summer Phillips is sweet, spunky, and the kind of girl who will go through garbage to help you find that cherished possession you accidentally threw away.

​Summer’s gift is a perfume mini to keep in your purse, a selection of nail polishes, a hand & nail mask, body butter, and a pair of fuzzy socks to keep your feet toasty.


alice orig


Alice’s prize pack opens at 50 entries:

Alice Carter is a mathwiz fashionista who tutors in the afternoon and turns heads on the dance floor at night.

Alice’s gift is a pencil case with pens for all those long study sessions, a pack of gum, and a notepad for making lists of the eleven reasons why good friends are invaluable.



tess orig


Tess’s prize pack opens at 75 entries:

Tess Goodwin is a farm girl who's spent the first sixteen years of her life mucking stalls, milking cows, and playing chess with her best friend and next-door-neighbor, Zander Roberts. She’s never really had girl friends before, which is why she's so nervous about fitting in with Alice, Summer, and Leonetta when she moves to North Carolina.

Her gift is an adorable cow plush named Sunshine (after her favorite pet), a pack of cow stickers, and a MOO decal perfect for your computer, water bottle, or binder.


leonetta orig


Leonetta’s prize pack opens at 100 entries:

Leonetta Jackson loves reading, finding the perfect red lipstick, and singing in her church's choir. She's also the best student mentor at M.A. Hopkins High.

Her gift is a journal for writing your own stories, two hair scrunchies, a pouch to hold your favorite lipsticks, and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card to purchase your ​favorite new release!



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To connect with Amalie or read more about The Next to Last Mistake, visit her online at or check out her Light Messages Author page.

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