Light Messages is excited to announce two new authors joining the Light Messages family! Cathleen Bascom will be publishing her debut novel, Of Green Stuff Woven, in March, and Tim Bascom will be publishing a collection of essays titled Climbing Lessons in April.

Of Green Stuff Woven


by Cathleen Bascom

Told by Brigid Brenchley—kind and quirky cathedral dean—Of Green Stuff Woven depicts a group of native gardeners who are restoring tallgrass prairie on land connected to their historic Episcopal cathedral in Des Moines, Iowa. They are approached by hotel developers and are caught between their passion for the prairie and their need for money to repair their crumbling cathedral. Of course, the parish’s largest donor stands to profit from the deal.

Voices from the faith community converge like spokes in the spinning wheel of this decision. Compassion from the depths of Anglican spirituality’s creation care ministry highlights the plight of threatened plant species and people vulnerable to climate events, and challenges us all to examine the decisions we make in the stewardship of our land. It does this while taking readers on a good ecclesiastical romp and retaining realistic hope.

Climbing Lessons

by Tim Bascom

9781611532425When Doc Bascom tries to show his grade school sons how to climb a huge sycamore, he ends up dropping 12 feet flat-out on his back. Stunned, he finally gasps, “So that’s how it’s done.” And in that moment, he becomes an emblem for all fathers—trying to lead the way, failing, then getting up and trying again.

This “climbing lesson” is just one of 40 playful, sometimes poignant stories by award-winning author Tim Bascom, who illustrates the special bond between fathers and sons—and how that relationship must change with time. When Tim takes his own turn at fathering, he realizes that his devoted toddlers are turning into unimpressed teenagers. No longer the hero he had hoped to be, he must accept a new, flawed version of himself, not unlike his father before him.

These brief inter-linked stories show that abiding affection can still prevail, bringing fathers and sons closer, even as they tackle the steepest parts of the climb.

Not only do Tim and Cathleen both have new books coming out in 2020, but they are also husband and wife!

Tim Bascom is the author of five books and several essays and works as a Creative Writing professor at Waldorf University. Tim’s memoir Chameleon Days received the Bakeless Prize in Nonfiction and his memoir Running to the Fire was chosen as a finalist for the Indiefab Memoir of the Year award.

Cathleen is the first woman elected to be the Bishop of Kansas in the Episcopal Church. She will be publishing her debut novel, Of Green Stuff Woven, with Light Messages.

We look forward to sharing these exciting new titles with you this spring!

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