now open slowdownWelcome to Writer's Lamp! This is the first of what we hope will be many posts designed to help you publish.

As a writer, you have a story to tell. Maybe you've already written your story and you're not sure what to do next. Maybe you're still choosing which story you want to tell, and you're looking for a boost to get you started.{jacomment on}

Either way, we're here to help.

At Light Messages, we believe that the time has come to turn the traditional publishing model upside down. We want to view our authors as partners––partners in sharing messages that brighten the world, add knowledge, and fill our hearts with pleasure.

(You can learn more about our innovative partnership model here.)


Here at Writer's Lamp, we'll shed some light on the complexities of publishing your manuscript and, better yet, getting your book into the hands of readers. We plan to cover a broad range of topics, including getting ready to publish, design basics for book layouts, selling your book, and building an audience. We'll even include the occasional writing tips to help you produce the best manuscript possible. We'll tap into the knowledge of industry experts, round up our favorite links from other writer and publishing blogs, and feature interviews with our very own authors.

Excited yet? We sure are!

So stay tuned, visit often, and get ready to shine.

Tell us, what questions do you have about publishing? What topics would you like to see us cover? Is there someone you think we should interview? Let us know!

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