BEA-EJTI spent last week at Book Expo America in New York. It was my first trip to the extravaganza, and I arrived ready to soak it in. Three days––paid––to surround myself with books, authors, and others in the publishing industry. I think I officially have the Best. Job. Ever.

Here are a few lessons I took away with me:

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes.

2. There are more books than you could possibly carry. Be selective in what you choose.

3. Plan strategically. BEA has an excellent "My BEA" feature online where you can scope out vendors ahead of time and print a list in order of their location. This saved my life. And my feet.

4. Set up meetings ahead of time. People are busy, busy, busy at BEA. It's a big help to them––and you––if you can schedule a meeting in advance.

5. Wear comfortable shoes.

6. E-books are no longer a "new frontier" (we know this, right?) –– and they just keep getting better and better with each passing day.

7. The next wave of publishing is e-book meets social media, with technology that allows authors and readers to interact directly through the e-books. Think: Goodreads meets your e-reader. (We're already making plans to get involved with this!)

8. In a world where it seems the one with the most marketing dollars wins, there are an increasing number of opportunities for smaller, independent publishers to compete. Frugal book marketing is a real option.

9. Outsourcing is crucial for small presses like us, and thanks to new technologies, there are a ton of talented people willing and ready to help. We can't wait to partner with them.

10. Wear comfortable shoes.

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