You'd be hard pressed to find two groups of people on this planet who are more passionate about books than bookbloggers and bookstores. And yet, rarely the twain do meet. That is, until the Bookstore Bookblogger Connection came to be. In this post, Andrea Johnson shares about the innovative idea behind the Bookstore Bookblogger Connection and what it means for authors.

Bookstore Bookblogger Connection - because we're all connected.


How did this come about?

Last summer, two bookbloggers had an ember of an idea. We both loved shouting our opinions about books to the interwebs, we both loved discovering new bookstores and meeting new booksellers. The idea turned into a flame when we noticed that there seemed to be very little intersection between the bookblogging community and our favorite independent bookstores, and Bookstore Bookblogger Connection was born. We originally designed Bookstore Bookblogger connection as a tool for Independent Bookstores to harness the power of blogger written reviews to do more of what we love them doing: selling books.

The idea behind the service is pretty simple: bookbloggers submit blurbs of books they enjoyed, and we supply those blurbs to bookstore who are promoting that book. If I have more than 2 blurbs for a particular title I can put together a nice PDF that functions as nice shelftalker. The blogger gets a voice beyond the internet, the bookstore gets some free promo material that helps casual shoppers make a buying decision, everyone wins.

At first I thought Bookstore Bookblogger Connection was just for bloggers and bookstores, and that no one else would have much use for it. Boy was I wrong. If you read, write, publish, sell, or promote books, Bookstore Bookblogger Connection is for you.

I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for independent bookstores, and I bet a lot of book reviewers and authors feel the same way. Bookstore Bookblogger Connection lets me give something back to the industry that gave me so much.

And here's where it gets really cool, especially if you are an author or a publisher.

Authors - Are you or your publisher sending out ARCs? Are you doing a blog book tour? Remind the bloggers who are reviewing your book to submit a blurb to BSBBConnection. Are you doing an author signing or other author event at a bookstore? Refer the bookstore to BSBBConnection, or refer BSBBConnection to the bookstore so promotional shelftalkers are there waiting for you when you arrive for your event. Even if you are promoting just your newest book that evening, we want to help that bookstore sell copies of your older titles too.

Publishers - Are you sending out ARCs to reviewers? Remind them of BSBBConnection. Shipping books to bookstores? Wouldn't it be cool if the bookstore got a PDF of printable promo material on the exact same day your package arrived? When bloggers help bookstores sell more books, you win too.

What kind of books does Bookstore Bookblogger Promotion promote?

My first love was science fiction, and the co-founder of Bookstore Bookblogger Connection is also a huge speculative fiction fan. Currently our focus is on science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, any kind of speculative fiction, really.

Now that we've got a feel for what we're doing, I'm seriously thinking about opening it up to all fiction. The bookstore is quite a bit bigger than just the SF/F shelves, right? If all goes to plan, pretty soon the answer to the above question will be "all of them!"

Learn more about Bookstore bookblogger Connection by visiting the website, following us on twitter @BSBBConxn , or e-mailing us at bookstorebloggerconxn [at] gmail [dot] com.

Andrea Johnson is co-founder of Bookstore Bookblogger Connection, and she can often be found with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

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