"I’m trying to combat the myth that one should only write if one has 'free' time. That lie paralyzes good writers. More insidiously, it downgrades stories to luxury goods. It belittles the human need for art and story, and it lowers the status of those who create."

—Summer Kinard in "Creativity is Not a Luxury"

Ever heard that you have to have a lot of free time and money to be a writer? Or know someone who has told you, "Being a mother and being a writer will be impossible for you"? Are you tired of listening to people who tell you that you can't do both? Then read Light Messages Author Summer Kinard's latest blog post "Creativity is not a Luxury."

A best-selling author of three novels, mother of five children and a loving wife of a beautifully untidy and creative life, Summer offers insight into the life of writing mothers:

"Writing mothers share a sense of creative drive that they prioritize as part of their daily lives. Are they writing during day job hours? Not usually. Do they get enough sleep? Probably not. But they write. They create."

Summer shares her experiences as a writing mother and how her creative process has also been fueled by her children on her blog, "Writing Like a Mother." Take Summer's advice and "Grow a backbone. Artists can do anything if they have at least one of these: Ego, Virtue, A Cause. Pick one and stop making whiny excuses."

To read more of Summer's blog or to check out her past blog posts, visit WritingLikeAMother.com.


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