"Dave Edlund’s latest military thriller fuses the authenticity of Tom Clancy with the world-hopping adventure of Clive Cussler; yet at the same time, Edlund has created his own unique and intriguing voice, along with a character who I would follow into any firefight. Both topical and suspenseful, here is a book that belongs on the shelf with the best military fiction out there."

– James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown


"Equal parts military and political thriller, Dave Edlund’s Guarding Savage is a top notch action-adventure tale that rivals the best of Brad Thor and Brad Taylor."

– Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series


9781611532425Summoned to Brunei, Peter unearths dangerous secrets that threaten the security of the US Navy.

In the East China Sea, Japanese and American warships on scheduled training exercises are attacked without warning and sunk by a hypersonic weapon for which there seems to be no defense. The U.S. Government receives an anonymous message: withdraw all military forces from Southeast Asia or suffer total destruction of the Seventh Fleet.

Meanwhile, a young woman named Jade is viciously attacked in Bend, Oregon. She narrowly escapes harm when Peter steps in to protect her from the would-be kidnappers. But the threat persists when others are sent to complete the job.

When Peter is summoned to Brunei, he unearths dangerous secrets—secrets aimed at neutralizing the threat posed by Peter and Jade while ushering in a new world order.


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