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Light Messages Publishing is pleased to announce the release of A Sergeant in the House, a children's book about a little boy's wish and the sacrifices of our nation's heroes.Hope_For_The_Warriors-logo-web

In honor of our military men and women, children's author Betty Turnbull has partnered with Hope For The Warriors, agreeing to donate all of her author's royalties from A Sergeant in the House. Hope For The Warriors is an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty.

Betty's latest book, A Sergeant in the House, tells the story of Lenny who desperately wants a puppy. His father is in the military, the family must move frequently, and Lenny is still very young to care for an animal, so Lenny strikes a bargain: When his daddy becomes a sergeant, Lenny can have a puppy.

When his father is deployed to war, Lenny learns what it means to be responsible, to care for his family, and to help around the house. A dreaded phone call brings the news that Lenny's father has been injured and is being sent home. When Lenny's father explains that this means he'll never become a sergeant, Lenny realizes that what he truly wants is his daddy--puppy or no puppy.

A Sergeant in the House recognizes the sacrifices of our nation's service men and women--and the burdens carried by their families. This heartwarming story is a salute to military families across the country, and a cheer for our nation's heroes.

"As the mother of an Air Force officer, I know all too well that when one member of the family serves, everyone serves," says Betty. "This is one way of giving back to families who have made extraordinary sacrifices for our country."

A Sergeant in the House is scheduled to debut at a Memorial Day event and will be available wherever books are sold.



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