Light Messages Publishing and author Brad LaMar are hosting a contest for readers to name a character in The Dominion Pulse, book 3 of the Celtic Mythos series.

The Megalith Union, book 2 of the best-selling YA fantasy series, will be released October 24, 2013. The third installment is scheduled for sometime in 2014.

Normal BrownieRules for Entry:

  1. Tell Brad "Who was your favorite character from The Obsidian Dagger and why?"
  2. Read the Brad's description of the character in book 3 of the Celtic Mythos series.
  3. Give a character a name that you think is fitting. Tell Brad why you picked that name and make him want to choose it.
  4. Whoever comes up with the most awesome answer and the best fitting name will receive a signed copy of The Megalith Union (Celtic Mythos, #2) and have their suggested name chosen for the character in Book 3. PLUS... Brad will mention the winner by name in the acknowledgements of The Dominion Pulse.

So, put your thinking caps on, contact Brad, and give him some good choices. He needs lots of names to consider, so tell your friends, too.

Character Description:
The character-yet-to-be-named is a Brownie. Brownies are small, elf-like beings that are

usually considered to be helpful and generally hard workers. The character can be male or female, has a tendency to be skittish and is forced to help some shady characters. This character is innovative and resourceful. For example, our Brownie friend can glide like a flying squirrel as long as the wind is right. Our Brownie is fairly young, but not a child.

Well, there you go. Answer the question, read the character description, offer

a name, and cross your fingers. Maybe, just maybe, your suggestion will be so cool that Brad can't resist it.

Deadline for entries is September 20, 2013.

Keep an eye out for other contests happening in the meantime. We want to give away a few books to some excited readers!

Click to email Brad with your entry





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