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As fall arrives, shorter days mean longer evenings for reading. And we have 5 new releases from Light Messages to fill your shelves: Say to These Mountains: A biography of faith and ministry in rural HaitiFaith and Air: The miracle listGoing to School in Black and White: a dual memoir of desegregationThe Sheep Walker's Daughter, and The Final Reality.

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Say to These Mountains
 by Elizabeth Turnbull

Through the true story of Wallace Turnbull, one of Haiti’s pioneers in development and missions, Say To These Mountains takes readers on a journey where grace and beauty shine into even the tightest crevices of brokenness, poverty, and loss.
 "Pastor Wallace was a controversial figure, and in this personal narrative/biography, his granddaughter opens up a window onto his fascinating, turbulent life in Haiti, as well as a close-up addendum to the history of missionary work and its ties to the crisis of development there." –Amy Willentz, author of The Rainy Season: Haiti Since Duvalier and Farewell, Fred Voodoo: A Letter From Haiti

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Faith and Air

Faith and Air 
by Scott Mason

Regional Emmy and award-winning broadcast journalist Scott Mason, also known as WRAL's Tar Heel Traveler, shares a collection of touching real-life miracles in his partial memoir, Faith and Air: The Miracle List.
Throughout his thirty years on the air, television reporter Scott Mason has interviewed countless people who unexpectedly offered up miracle stories. One after another the miracle stories kept coming, but Scott Mason suspected these stories would never find their way onto the air. So he made a miracle list and dug deeper into these intriguing accounts on his own. As he pursues the leads throughout this book, Scott shares a compelling narrative of fact and faith and his personal struggle to balance them both.

 "When Scott Mason was a little boy someone must have told him to stop, look and listen. He took those orders to heart. For he sees and hears like few others. And that’s what makes him so darn good at telling stories." –Harry Smith, NBC News Correspondent

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Going to School in Black and White
 by Cindy Waszak Geary and LaHoma Smith Romocki

The school careers of two teenage girls who lived across town from each other – one black, one white – were altered by a court-ordered desegregation plan for Durham, NC in 1970. LaHoma and Cindy both found themselves at the same high school from different sides of a court-ordered racial “balancing act.” Cindy and LaHoma’s intertwining coming of age stories are part of a bigger story about America, education and race - and about how the personal relates to the political.
As adults, LaHoma and Cindy use their dual memoir to consider the influence of school desegregation on their current lives and the value of bringing us into conversation about what is lost or gained when children go to school in black and white.
“Cindy Waszak Geary and LaHoma Smith Romocki have ushered forth a lovely story rich in conversation... Going to School in Black and White offers unique opportunities for deepening our understanding about implicit biases and stereotypes...” –Jaki Shelton Green, poet and NC Literary Hall of Fame inductee

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61153-252-4
Distributor: Ingram

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The Sheep Walker's Daughter
 by Sydney Avey

In 1953, a war widow’s difficult mother dies before revealing the identity of her daughter’s father and his cultural heritage.
As Dee sorts through what little her mother left, she unearths puzzling clues that raise more questions. All of this head-spinning mystery breaks a long, dry period in Dee’s life and leads her to embark on an odyssey. She might just as well lose her job and see where the counsel of her new spiritual advisor and the attentions of an enigmatic ex-coworker lead her.
The Sheep Walker’s Daughter pairs a colorful Basque immigrant history of loss, survival, and tough choices with one woman’s search for identity and fulfillment. Dee’s journey will take her through the Northern and Central California valleys of the 1950s and reach across the world to the Basque Country.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61153-257-9

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The Final Reality
 by Stephen Martino

In the high-octane conclusion of the Alex Pella novels, the brilliant doctor and inventor finds himself racing against the unstoppable ambition of Jules Windsor who now leads The New Reality. When Jules begins to uncover the powerful, long-forgotten technology behind the world’s massive megalithic structures, he sets into motion the same cascade of events that once destroyed the ancient civilization that built them. As the planet heads toward an apocalyptical upheaval not seen since biblical times, Alex and his team know they must stop Jules––and The New Reality––once and for all.

Coming October 24, 2017

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9781611532654 NoShadowOn the Horizon: Peter Savage Boxed Set

by Dave Edlund

Mark your calendars, thriller readers! Our upcoming Peter Savage Boxed Set gives you all four Peter Savage novels by award-winning novelist Dave Edlund for only $0.99! This is a can't miss deal. The promotion only lasts from October 30 to November 5. As a bonus, you will receive a sneak peek at the fifth book in the Peter Savage series, Guarding Savage. 
The Peter Savage novels have been lauded for their "crackling action" (Kirkus Reviews), and come "highly recommended to fans of thrillers" (Foreword Reviews). The New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Steve Berry praises Peter Savage as "a hero full of grit and determination" and calls the series "required reading for any thriller aficionado."
The Peter Savage Boxed Set would make the perfect gift for any thriller-seeker, so get excited for this explosive deal coming soon!
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