"Standing Room Only" for Liar Liar Book Launch

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All seats were filled during last Saturday’s Liar Liar book launch party—leaving many readers and fans to stand during international bestselling author Nancy Boyarsky's event.

Nancy celebrated her newest Nicole Graves release at Book Soup in West Hollywood, where she had the opportunity to connect Liar Liar to national #MeToo movement headlines. In Liar Liar, Nicole finds herself babysitting a witness in a high-profile rape trial. But Mary Ellen Barnes's lies and mysterious comings and goings lead Nicole to suspect that she’s not the good girl she appears to be.

No one wants to own up to the truth in Liar Liar, not even Nicole. But when the witness goes missing during the trial, Nicole is caught up in a tangle of lies that turns deadly. After the investigator assigned to the case fails to do his job, Nicole is determined to find the killer on her own, no matter the risks.

Since her reading during the book launch, Nancy's Liar Liar has become the #1 paperback fiction novel sold at Book Soup.

Readers, don't miss these next opportunities to hear Nancy speak and get a signed copy of Liar Liar. Nancy will be at Books Inc. in Palo Alto at October 10th (7 p.m.) and Vroman’s in Pasadena on October 25th (7 p.m.).

Liar Liar is now available with your favorite retailers. Get your copy now.

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